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14 Best AI Tools for Content Writing

Do you often waste time preparing content that will only end up in the vicious circle of writer’s block? Do not worry, as the secret to the issue is hidden in the world of artificial intelligence.

Whether through writing captivating blog posts or crafting marketing copy, these AI assistants are the new trend in content creation for content creators of all levels. If you’re a pro who wishes to be more effective or a budding one in search of inspiration, there are tools that you can use from the list.

Now, you can create content on time with the infinite AI tools at your service. In this blog post, we will encounter the top AI writing tools designed to help writers work in a new way.

Are you ready to explore? Let’s go on a research trip to the best AI tools for content writing settings, where we dig deep into the most efficient tools among them. Say bye to writer’s block. And replace it with AI, which will help us reach new heights of creativity.

Benefits Of Using AI Writing Tools

  • Efficiency and Speed: AI tools can have the ability to create texts pretty fast, and they easily help users save time by drafting, exploring, and editing. They are efficient at producing large volumes of content, which is very useful when it comes to facing tight deadlines or having a lot of writing projects to handle.


  • Personalization: With machine learning tools, the content can be tailored to reflect the writer’s own style and offer personalized writing tips and grammar corrections. This may prove extremely helpful for providing a smooth transitional reading experience for all long pieces.


  • Scalability: AI writing tools empower businesses and content generators alike to climb the content creation ladder without risking quality. This is important both for SEO and engagement, and what is more, it is needed for keeping a firm grip on the web among a few of the available channels.


  • Multilingual Support: Many AI writing tools often support the use of multiple languages and can assist users in writing as well as translating content for a global audience. Thanks to that, you need not learn a foreign language quite as extensively to communicate with other people from cultures around the world.


  • Accessibility: AI writing tools may help to break down some barriers faced by disabled people in terms of writing and provide better opportunities for learning the skill of writing. Facilities like speech-to-text can benefit those who experience challenges in typing, whereas suggesting the correct reading level of text may help ensure that the text is appropriate to readers of different reading skills.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: AI tools can easily automate parts of the writing process and introduce economic benefits on the other side of the coin by offering services on some tasks that may replace human writers. Likewise, they diminish the expense associated with manual modifications and mistakes in official writing.

Essential Features Of AI Content Writing Tools

1. Natural Language Generation (NLG): This key function makes the AI writing tool unique from any other desk jobs or manual work. NLG helps to carry out the mechanism by producing readable and intelligible output, which was a result of what it read previously. The degree of NLG directly corresponds to the accuracy of the generated copy. The machine can write human-like sentences if the NLG is good enough.

2. Grammar and Style Checkers: AI writing tools, therefore, should have a more advanced grammar and punctuation checker and envelope suggestions that adhere to the different writing rules (e.g., APA, MLA) and the audience’s taste.

3. Text Editor Interface: A simple text editing tool that prevents the tweaking of phrases, rearranging of the order, and collection of different texts in a tedious way. The attributes of ease of organizing the content through the drag-and-drop process, quick formatting, selection of the style, and video and audio addition are beneficial features.

4. Plagiarism Checker: A delivery mechanism can be aversive to students; an inbuilt plagiarism checker must ensure the original content is created from scratch. This is imperative for maintaining the validity and SEO of a writ, and that’s where that comes into play.

5. SEO Optimization: SEO tools that highlight keywords, figure out the keyword density, and suggest meta descriptions and titles can simultaneously improve the visibility of online content.

6. Integration Capabilities: Instead of this, integrative capability with other tools is very important to have an interruption-free workflow and incorporate the AI tool into the more significant content strategy.

14 Best AI Tools for Content Writing

1. OpenAI's GPT-3

AI tools for content writing - OpenAI's GPT-3
AI tools for content writing

The GPT-3 from OpenAI belongs to the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) AI model family, which is GPT 3 alone and is known for its human-like text generation capabilities.

However, it can do such things as writing documents, creating poems, making summaries, translating languages, and even writing code.

Its versatility contributes to its being the first-choice tool for content producers seeking a rich variety in language and the design of thematically relevant ideas.

Top Features:

  • Generates human-like text
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Capable of understanding and generating code
  • Versatile text generation (articles, summaries, translations)
  • Highly scalable API



Plus: $20/user/month

Team: $30/user/month

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

2. Jasper AI

AI tools for content writing - Jasper AI
AI tools for content writing

Jasper AI is one of the most popular choices among marketers and content creators for generating high-quality and speedy writing. Jasper may assist in composing a blog, social media posts, ads, and emails.

It includes various types of content and also offers a collaboration-based platform to edit the content in real time.

Top Features:

  • Template-driven content creation
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Supports over 25 languages
  • Integration with SEO tools
  • Content improver feature


Creators: $49/month

Pro: $69/month

Business: Custom Pricing

3. Writesonic

AI tools for content writing - Writesonic
AI tools for content writing

Writesonic is an AI-driven brand-specific writing tool that gives marketing and advertising professionals a spot for creative content creation.

It is great at coming up with text that grasps the attention of the audience, as well as product descriptions and landing pages. With the help of the WordPress and Shopify integrations of Writesonic, it becomes an optimal choice for e-commerce businesses.

Top Features:

  • Specialized in marketing content
  • Integration with WordPress and Shopify
  • AI Article & Blog Writer
  • Ad copy generator
  • Multilingual capabilities


For individuals & freelancers:

Free: $0/month

Chatsonic: $15/month

Individual: $20/month

Standard: $99/month


For professionals & teams:

Standard: $99/month

Professional: $249/month

Advanced: $499/month

4. Grammarly

AI tools for content writing - Grammarly
AI tools for content writing

Grammarly is not just a grammar checker built around AI. It is a platform that provides multiple tools to enhance your writing skills. It indicates the tone, style, precision, and correctness of the sentence, which is why it is useful for both native and non-native English speakers.

In addition to these, Grammarly also provides plagiarism detection and analyzes your writing against the stylistic conventions of different genres.

Top Features:

  • Advanced grammar and punctuation checker
  • Style and tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Genre-specific writing suggestions
  • Real-time error correction


Free: $0/month

Premium: $29.93/month

Business: $25/month

5. INK

AI tools for content writing - INK
AI tools for content writing

INK is an AI-guided writing helper platform that, from the perspective of SEO, optimizes content. It provides your content with integrated tools for better specific keyword dependency for your chance to be on a high search rank.

We also give your content readability benefits, meaning that a larger group of people can now access your information.

Top Features:

  • SEO content optimization
  • Keyword relevance tools
  • Readability enhancements
  • Content scoring system
  • Tone and style analysis


Professionals: $49/month for user

Enterprise: $119/month for team

6. CopyAI

AI tools for content writing - Copy.AI
AI tools for content writing

CopyAI is software that has the ambition of creativity automation, targeting marketing needs. It provides a decent array of digital ad templates, social media post templates, website copy, and more.

CopyAI’s platform, based on GPT-3 technology, writes several different versions of content, which the generator allows the users to accomplish quickly.

Top Features:

  • Automated creativity tools
  • Multiple content format support
  • Uses GPT-3 technology
  • Idea generation workflows
  • Multilingual support


Free: $0/month

Pro: $49/month

Team: $249/month

7. AI Writer

AI tools for content writing - AI Writer
AI tools for content writing

AI Writer has acquired a reputation for its research, which has brought a lot of information, and at the same time, the content provided is always accurate.

It makes it an ideal tool as it has an auto-citing feature that minimizes the need to source articles and reference them. AI Writer also provides a user-friendly interface devoid of headaches for beginners.

Top Features:

  • Strong research capabilities with source citing
  • Text regeneration feature
  • SEO-focused content generation
  • Simple user interface
  • Content-specific adjustments



8. Outwrite

AI tools for content writing - Outwrite
AI tools for content writing

It also offers one of the strongest AI writing assistants that will help keep your writing crisp and clear. Outwrite has advanced algorithms to suggest rewording alternatives that guide you to adapt and change your writing style.

Top Features:

  • Stylistic and eloquence enhancements
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Multi-platform support
  • Sentence restructuring


Free: $0/month

Pro: $24.95/month

Team: $14.95/month

9. Sapling

AI tools for content writing - Sapling
AI tools for content writing

Sapling is an AI tool that does a great job of improving the speed of customer service and sales communications.

It hooks to CRM solutions, and it offers instant spell-checking and auto-complete suggestions for email writing, so people in this regard are essentially covered.

Top Features:

  • Email autocomplete
  • Integration with CRM platforms
  • Custom response templates
  • Grammar and typo correction
  • Snippet library for quick responses


Free: $0/month

Pro: $25/month

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

10. ProWritingAid

AI tools for content writing - ProWritingAid
AI tools for content writing

ProWritingAid not only corrects the grammar but also provides a more holistic sort of writing feedback. It is a live analysis tool that looks for style, readability, and tone and creates detailed reports.

This is aimed at helping you improve your writing gradually. The program is often picked up by authors and academic societies because of the great expressive power provided by its post-editing features.

Top Features:

  • In-depth writing reports
  • Style and readability analysis
  • Over 20 writing reports
  • Context-sensitive style suggestions
  • Integration with various writing platforms


Free: $0/month

Premium: $19.76/month

Premium Pro: $23.72/month

11. Bertha AI

AI tools for content writing - Bertha AI
AI tools for content writing

Bertha AI will be available to integrate with WordPress. This AI will do blog content generation, catchy headlines, and even entire books.

It is mainly geared towards people who write blogs and develop digital content and want to compose their content in the same CMS that they post it.

Top Features:

  • WordPress Integration
  • Automated blog content and headline generation
  • Book content generation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Content customization tools


Monthly: $20/month

Yearly: $200/year

12. Scalenut

AI tools for content writing - Scalenut
AI tools for content writing

Scalenut is an amalgamation of cloud-based content creation and AI technologies that delve into producing A-grade content.

It is an SEO content report as well as a content quality evaluation system, and it offers a guarantee that the produced content meets SEO norms. Scalenut can be seen as a tool that can be used to develop large-scale content ideas.

Top Features:

  • SEO content reports
  • Content grading system
  • NLP-driven content suggestions
  • Research document creation
  • Idea explorer tool


Essential: $39/month

Growth: $79/month

Pro: $149/month

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

13. Anyword

AI tools for content writing - Anyword
AI tools for content writing

Anyword is an AI copywriting tool that can write content for advertisement purposes that is impactful, clear, and appealing to customers.

The more an audience reacts, the better the AI systems are able to tailor the experience to the demographic and performance expectations of the content.

Top Features:

  • Predictive performance scoring
  • Audience-specific content optimization
  • Multiple content type generation
  • Data-driven writing recommendations
  • A/B testing tools


Starter: $49/month

Data-Driven: $99/month

Business: $499/month

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

14. Wordtune

AI tools for content writing - Wordtune
AI tools for content writing

Wordtune is an artificial intelligence technology developed to assist with the process of writing with the purpose of improving the clarity, tone, and style of the text involved.

Tailored to go beyond the usual grammar corrections, Wordtune ensures that your writing becomes more appealing and correct with context-based suggestions.

Top Features:

  • Real-Time Rewriting
  • Tone Adjustment
  • Word Choice Enhancements
  • Length Adjustment
  • Multi-Language Support


Free: $0/month

Advanced: $13.99/month

Unlimited: $19.99/month

Business:  For teams

Ending Note

AI tools for writing content can significantly increase productivity, creativity, and efficiency. These tools, from editing to developing new concepts, guarantee that every writer can have one. 

Heightening AI capabilities in content generation makes it a supporting tool for content makers and an indispensable companion in producing content of substance and quality. Use these AI tools in your writing process as a part of transformation and reach a new height of content.


1. What is an AI content writing tool?

An AI content creation tool refers to a software program that utilizes AI to produce content like writing, design, and generation. Your supercharged virtual assistant can create ideas and write drafts, along with the capability of creating images based on your motivations. These tools will save you some time, help you deal with a blank page, or improve your SEO.

2. Where does AI content work correctly (with human review)?

AI content is brilliant only when there is human intervention! It can consider ideas, write rough versions, and update for SEO. However, for accuracy, clarity, and that fresh human touch, editing is essential. Imagine it as a turbo-charged writing aid, not a substitute.

3. How are content writing tools disrupting the content industry?

Content creation tools are disrupting the status quo! AI writers write the drafts, video editors make production easy, and analytics define a strategy. This is an advantage for more creators with lower technical knowledge, resulting in an oversupply of content on the market. It’s a double-edged sword: more voices but also being overwhelmed with the message as well as the quality of the product.

4. Is there a free AI writer?

Yes! Several AI content writing tools allow you to get a head start with your ideas. Try revising paragraphs and outlining with’s free plan or creating marketing copy with the help of Hubspot’s AI writer. For social media ideas, try out Picsarts AI content generator. Do not forget that these tools will help you spark ideas, but edit and fact-check the output every time for accuracy.

5. What are the main benefits of using AI content writing tools?

AI content writing tools can be a real godsend for busy content creators who are looking to save time. They help by completing the drafts and outlines more quickly, allowing you to concentrate on the content. These tools can also help improve your SEO by making keywords and optimizing your content for search engines. Besides that, they also help you overcome writer’s block and get that flow of creativity.



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