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List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata is one of the strongest brands in India, and it would be tough for Indians not to be familiar with the brand.

The commodities of the Tata group are just anywhere, everywhere, all over the nation. Whether it is vehicles, salt, or anything else, it has come to be a household name in India; actually, not only in India but the whole globe, too, it is a well-known brand.

This worldwide company is making people’s hearts beat, and it won’t stop increasing its strength and conducting business.

Tata is not trying to sell a single part to you but is offering you a portfolio of items, and they offer something for everyone.

Tata Group Ltd. . was founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata and is one of India’s oldest and largest industrial groups. Let’s explore companies owned by Tata Group in this blog.

List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

1. Tata Investment Corporation

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tata investment corporation
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Founded in 1937, Tata Investment Corporation is a reputed flagship financial services company within the Tata Group.

Its key focus is to hold a broad range of assets that not only invest for the long term but also buy and sell debt instruments as well as other financial instruments. The firm’s income target is realized primarily through dividends, interest, and long-term capital gains.

It follows a wise investment policy designed to provide the highest amount of return to the shareholders while also leading to continuous growth.

The Tata Investment Corporation differs from other investment companies by offering strategic investments in diverse sectors that are indicative of a balanced and reliable asset management system in support of a wide range of innovativeness and stability.

2. Tata Metaliks Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Metaliks is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, and it mainly operates in the pig iron and ductile iron pipe sectors. It has been established since 1990, and now it has become popular in the Indian markets.

Tata Metaliks is widely appreciated for its high-standard products that are frequently employed in industries like automotive, agriculture, and construction.

The enterprise’s manufacturing plants have been technologically modernized to achieve high eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Besides that, Tata Metaliks strives for environmental preservation and community wellness, just as the Tata Group pursues positively acting in society.

It has been led there by a succession of innovations and the continuously improved quality of the products. It has made it a leader in its respective markets.

3. Tata Elxsi Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Elxsi is a company of the Tata Group, a concern comprising design and technology services. It incorporates a group of services, starting from planning and research to electronics and mechanics, software development, validation, and deployment.

Tata Elxsi covers and develops industries such as automotive, broadcasting, communication, health care, and transportation.

Its AI, IoT, cloud, and robotics technologies, which are all managed around design and operations, place it as an important provider of innovation and digital transformation solutions.

The company’s emphasis on technological advancements and client-oriented solutions has positioned it as a market leader in its ability to leverage new technology effectively.

4. Tata Coffee Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tata coffee limited
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Coffee is one of Asia’s top coffee plantations and processing companies, similar to a USA coffee farm tour, cultivating and producing coffee.

The firm is exclusively involved in the manufacturing of coffee, tea, and allied products running through the entire plains of south India and has an advanced soluble coffee production plant.

As for Tata Coffee, its product is top-grade and is already exported internationally, which places it among the most important players in the world coffee market.

The company works to apply sustainable policies and secure workers’s well-being and the environment’s safety.

Tata Coffee’s accomplishment of the best and most sustainable standards has been crowned by many awards for quality and sustainable operations.

5. Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tata consumer pvt ltd
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Consumer Products Ltd. (T CPL) has brought about the next phase of the Tata Group journey, consolidating its consumer businesses for better profitability and effectiveness.

The result of the merger between TGB (Tata Global Beverages) and consumer products from Tata Chemicals, it holds a collection that includes beverages tea, coffee, water, and foods.

The firm aims to always update the products, and while doing so, health and wellness will not be forgotten.

Wide-spread distribution networks and a powerfully recognized brand identity are the company’s main competitive advantages that strengthen its position in the consumer goods market. Tata Consumer Products commits to sustainability and ethical business.

6. Tata AutoComp System

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tata autocomp system
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata AutoComp Systems, with its wide range of products and solutions, provides services to the automobile industry, including automotive interiors and exterior plastics, composites, sheet metal stampings, automotive batteries, and HVAC systems.

It has relationships with several global companies, harnessing such partnerships to make available the latest technologies to the Indian market.

Tata AutoComp embraces improvement and invention patterns that comply with environment-friendly constraints to sustain the environment.

Its customer-oriented products, with a touch of operational excellence, speak volumes about high-level global automotive components and systems.

7. Titan Company Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group - titan company ltd
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Being a 1984 joint endeavor of the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Titan Company is today known as a lifestyle giant in watches, jewelry, eyewear, and now also in perfumes.

Titan is a brand that has set up a benchmark of innovation in the consumer goods marketplace in India by far; it first brought quartz watches to India, and then down the line, it got into jewelry under the Tanishq line.

Titan’s products are recognized for their superior quality and style, and consumer perceptions of reliability and innovation have increased.

The company’s retail presence in India and in more than 30 countries is indicative of its dream of becoming a dominant force in the personal accessories and lifestyle market.

8. Tata Chemicals Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Chemistry is a transnational corporation that produces and speciality chemicals and agri-solutions. This organization primarily produces soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and many other substances.

Its geographic spread encompasses four continents and is central to offering vital services across the workplace and homes.

The Chemicals Company of Tata takes sustainability seriously, incorporating environmentally friendly operations into its business and putting out products emphasizing cleaner and greener solutions.

Its unique approach is also reflected in its dealing with the most daunting issues, such as global food sustainability and renewable energy.

9. Tata Power Company Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tata power company ltd
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Power is India’s leading power integrated company, providing crucial services in the nation’s power sector.

Tata Power is a leader in renewable power generation as its portfolio comprises thermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind power generators as well as transmission and distribution.

The company is designed to offer dependable and creative power equipment with strict safety and green principles.

It’s a green project that intends to lead the transition to clean energy and participates in projects concerning conservation and community development, as they are in accordance with the ‘Lighting up lives’ slogan.

10. Indian Hotels Company Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group - indian hotels company ltd
Companies Owned by Tata Group

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), being a part of Tata Group and operating the Taj brand of hotels and resorts, is one of the most celebrated names in the hospitality sector globally.

The group is famous for its rich legacy and commitment to high quality. The fusion of ancient ambiance and modern luxury is presented through the various hotels in the brand.

It covers major commercial and resort hubs and has the reputation of serving great-quality meals.

IHCL follows the principles of sustainability and social responsibility by integrating environment-friendly practices that enliven people around our hotels.

11. Tata Consultancy Services

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tcs
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), as a global IT services leader, provides IT services, business solutions, and consulting across a wide range of integrated services, including digital transformation and cognitive business operations, thanks to TCS’s vast expertise.

Established in 1968, TCS was among the first to become the world’s most admired brand in the IT service area.

It is deep industry knowledge, the wide world network, and the inborn technological ability of the corporation that empower clients to become agile companies that are rich in digital technology.

TCS is very well known for its innovation and its capacity to provide large-scale and complex international projects that enable clients to scale and optimize their IT resource management.

12. Tata Steel Limited

Companies Owned by Tata Group - tata steel ltd
Companies Owned by Tata Group

Tata Steel was launched in 1907, is now a leading global steel company, and can be said to represent industrialization in India.

It is famous for its steel industry, where a wide range of mining and metal production, high-end engineering, and services are executed. Tata Steel functions in 26 industries; India, the Netherlands, and the UK remain the main operational set-ups.

Company policy is to lead the industry in green thinking and culture, and it aims to create a healthy environment for the workers as well as the community.

Its wide range of products, energy-efficiency innovation, and social integrity are among the features that make it a reference in the steel industry.

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Ending Note

As we finish covering each of the units of Tata Group, it is apparent that each of them does not simply run for profit but makes a change and works on the improvement of society in general.

The trust, commitment to integrity, and sustainability that walk with Tata’s legacy of sustainable growth can be seen across all its divisions. Tata Group can do this through their centuries-old tea industry and state-of-the art IT solutions, along with a commitment to sustainable energy that opens a new door of progress and prosperity and helps everyone.


How many groups are there in the Tata Group?

Tata Group has a firm of more than 100 companies in 10 domains: IT, steel, automotive, consumer and retail, infrastructure, financial services, aerospace and defense, tourism and travel, telecom and media, and trading and investments.

Some are linked to each other, while others are subsidiaries of the same Tata brand, which makes for a giant worldwide network.

What is the largest company in the Tata Group?

Currently, TCS, a part of the Tata Group, is the largest company in the group in terms of revenue and market cap.

TCS is one of the most respected IT services brands globally, as it provides many IT solutions, consulting services, and digital and business solutions.

Are all the Tata listings on the stock exchange?

No, all the companies Tata is not a publicly listed company. Seeing major entities from the Tata Group, such as Tata Steel, Tata Motors, TCS, and Titan Company Limited, listed on the Indian stock exchanges is a good gain.

On the other hand, there are also focuses on some smaller entities and subsidiaries that operate autonomously within the greater Tata umbrella.



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