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14 Best Invoice Automation Software

Do you still need help with the unnecessary time and error-prone tasks associated with manual invoicing? In this modern, dynamic business world, saving time is more than a convenience.

It is now a necessity, and through automation, your invoicing process will be streamlined. Invoicing software robotically deals with your billing processes, minimizing the cases of manual input, and you cannot afford costly blunders.

If you have the right software, you could eliminate boring tasks like data entry, chasing up unpaid invoices, and reconciling accounts. Not only do you get your operations quicker, but you are also more accurate and effective with your cash flow.

Vacuuming in between cleaning routines will help keep dust and debris from building up and causing problems such as allergies and respiratory issues.

This article will analyze the best invoice automation software for you to choose from today. These are chosen for their remarkable features, user-friendliness, and compatibility with other systems in business so that you can find the perfect fit for your business needs.

What is Accounts Payable Software?

Accounts payable software is a financial application focusing on the management and automation of any business’ payment of its short-term obligations concerning the rolling payment of loans or the debts extended by creditors and suppliers.

This software is able to simplify the work with accounts payable by enabling companies to manage bills and invoices quickly. Among the key functions are invoice processing, matching invoices with purchase orders automatically, paying scheduled bills without late fees, and taking any early payment discounts.

The software connects with other back-office systems, such as ERP systems, to show all the financial commitments and cash flow in one place. The premium version could be furnished with digital payment processing, fraud detection, and valuable reporting and analysis tools for financial planning and audit compliance. 

Automating repetitive tasks, minimizing mistakes, and maintaining an open and transparent audit record, accounts payable software is a means of strengthening companies’ financial operations and creating and maintaining strong ties with vendors.

Benefits of Using Accounts Payable Software

Improved Efficiency: Automating invoice processing and payments saves time, as there is no need to wait for human intervention. It thus helps to save the time previously spent on entering data and processing payments, which can now be put to more strategic use.

Reduced Errors: There is a high risk of mistakes when performing manual data entry. Accounts payable software reduces these mistakes by automating data capture and processing. In this way, payments are carried out accurately and consistently.

Enhanced Cash Flow Management: Advancements in cash flow monitoring technologies and regular payment processing will enable businesses to oversee their financial situation more accurately. The software allows you to plan your spending within the budget, avoid late fees as a result of missed deadlines, and optimize early payment discounts.

Stronger vendor relationships: On-time and timely payments foster relationships with vendors and create respect and trust that, in the end, result in better terms and possibly lower costs. Furthermore, it will decrease the possibility of bugs and billing mistakes and keep relations front and center.

Cost Savings: Utilizing automation in the accounts payable process can reduce the workload on the accounting team, which might lead to savings through decreased labour costs and operational expenses.

Compliance and Security: Compliance with financial regulations and standards will be achieved by using the accounts payable software to track the transaction trail of all the dealings. Furthermore, most of them have well-developed security components intended to defeat fraud and undo authorized access.

Analytics and Reporting: Digital reporting shortens travel time among employees, wasting money and resources on traveling; thus, with online reporting, travel issues are almost eliminated.

14 Best Invoice Automation Software

1. Sage Intacct

Best Invoice Automation Software

Sage Intacct is a complete financial system that can handle advanced invoice automation. It does this by making businesses productive by making their accounts receivable process more streamlined and accurate; hence, bills are paid faster.

More holistic workflow tools come along to help with billing complex scenarios, multiple currencies, and showing real-time financial insights, making it the right choice for small to medium-scale enterprises to scale their businesses.

Price: Request for Pricing

Top Features

  • Advanced financial management system
  • Streamlined accounts receivable process
  • Powerful workflow tools
  • Multi-currency support
  • Real-time financial insights

2. Google Doc AI

Best Invoice Automation Software - google doc ai
Best Invoice Automation Software

The Google Doc AI employs machine learning to cycle through and automate invoices in a highly efficient way. It can pull up data from multiple document formats and integrate naturally into Google’s online suite of productivity apps.

This service provider is a chief asset for those companies that are already benefiting from the Google Workspace platform, in the sense that it is easy to adopt and integrate with others.

The AI of this system eliminates the occasional manual entries, which can be time-consuming and error-prone, as an aspect of its contribution towards faster processing.

Price: Pricing starts at $65 for AP data prediction services

$50 for parsing 1000 pages.

Top Features

  • Machine learning-based data extraction
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Reduced manual entry errors
  • Efficient invoice processing

3. Hyperscience

Best Invoice Automation Software - hyperscience
Best Invoice Automation Software

The Hyperscience artificial intelligence-powered platform is also used for eliminating AI-related data entry activities in invoice processing.

It excels in the OCR (optical character recognition) process and, as a result, may be used to read both handwritten blueprint documents and to process printed invoices. It is useful for organizations that deal with organizational documents, either paper-based or digital.

Smart systems built into the platform are machine learning models that become more accurate with time and can improve overall efficiency; however, scalability is not an issue, as administrative staff is not a proportional component of growing operations.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • AI-driven data entry automation
  • Extraction of handwritten and printed text
  • Improved accuracy over time
  • Scalability for growing operations

4. Amazon Textract

Best Invoice Automation Software - amazon textract
Best Invoice Automation Software

Amazon Textract is a kit intended to automatically extract text and data from scanned papers, including an advancement.

It transcends the boundaries of plain OCR by also discerning field contents in forms as well as defining the readings from tables.

Such a feature is instrumental in directing the automation of data extraction in invoicing matters, which in turn leads to the minimization of the tedious re-checking and correction processes.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • Automatic text and data extraction
  • Recognition of form fields and tables
  • High accuracy in document processing

5. Hypatos

Best Invoice Automation Software - hypatos
Best Invoice Automation Software

Hypatos is an advanced and sophisticated tool that is based on deep learning and made for the divisions of document processing, like invoice automation.

It facilitates the whole accounts payable process, which demands automation, causing businesses to cut down on their processing costs and enjoy high efficiency.

Hypatos provides additional settings that are fit to cater to different jurisdictions and that effortlessly integrate with the pre-existing enterprise resource planning infrastructure.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • Deep learning-based automation
  • End-to-end accounts payable automation
  • Customization for regulatory compliance

6. Infrrd

Best Invoice Automation Software - infrrd
Best Invoice Automation Software

Infrrd is an AI-focused company that provides intelligent document processing solutions to identify valid information from unstructured data sources, like invoices.

Its platform supports itself with the handling of each document processed, which helps enhance accuracy over time. Infrrd avoids entering data manually and replaces the customers with automatic invoice processing, thus making the business efficient and effective.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • Intelligent document processing
  • Improved accuracy with each document processed
  • Reduction in manual data entry

7. Billdu

Best Invoice Automation Software - billdu
Best Invoice Automation Software

Billdu is a hassle-free, simple-to-use invoice automation platform specially developed for freelancers and small businesses.

Time-wise, it allows for producing professional invoices in no time and tracking expenses on the go with its mobile and desktop apps as well, thus saving owners’ time. On top of handling online payments, this tool will make the process go faster by eliminating delays.

Although it has a seemingly primitive design as it offers only the basic features, it is still a good fit for new users in invoice management.


  • Lite – $3.99 per month
  • Standard – $8.99 per month
  • Premium – $16.99 per month

Top Features

  • Easy-to-use invoice creation
  • Expense tracking
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Online payment support

8. Docsumo

Best Invoice Automation Software - docsumo
Best Invoice Automation Software

Docsumo participates in the companies’ automation of the data entry process engaged in invoice management. It employs AI to transform unorganized records on invoices into an organized format suitable for interface with accounting software and ERP systems.

The Docsumo software is more likely to be able to cope with highly intricate invoicing, and it has an accurate and compliant validation mechanism system that makes sure all the processes are carried out in a proper fashion.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • AI-powered data entry automation
  • Conversion of unstructured data into structured formats
  • Integration with accounting software and ERPs

9. Tipalti

Best Invoice Automation Software

Tipalti is a superior platform that provides companies with efficient end-to-end payable automation (on the side), which can be strengthened by facilitating invoice processing and payment management to accelerate a business receiving money from foreign customers.

These features in supplier management to ensure tax compliance and assistance in selecting various payment methods are instrumental when operating with overseas suppliers. The ensemble approach offered by Tipalti makes the entire process of accounts payable fluid.


  • Tipalti Express – $299 a month 
  • Tipalti Pro – $447 a month

Top Features

  • End-to-end payable automation
  • Supplier management
  • Tax compliance checks
  • Global payment capabilities

10. Rossum

Best Invoice Automation Software - rossum
Best Invoice Automation Software

Rossum, through AI, can extract data like invoices and other files on its own. Its AI system can recognize the semantic meaning of invoices, which lowers the underlying manual entry and correction several times.

Rossum connects well to current accounting and ERP systems, which makes its effectiveness a reason why businesses should consider incorporating such invoice processing solutions in their operations to improve the efficiency with which they process invoices.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • AI-powered data capture
  • Semantic understanding of invoices
  • Integration with accounting and ERP systems

11. ABBYY Flexicapture

Best Invoice Automation Software - abbyy
Best Invoice Automation Software

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a sophisticated form and document capture system driven by advanced OCR, machine learning, and natural language processing algorithms. This solution is aimed at converting any kind of document in any format possible to ready-to-use business data.

AI (artificial intelligence) has recognized itself as an invaluable tool when it comes to handling complex invoice processing, keeping the rates of error relatively low, and is equipped with integration capabilities for various platforms.

Price: $29.99 a month for 500 pages

Top Features

  • Advanced OCR and machine learning
  • Transformation of documents into business-ready data
  • Integration capabilities with various platforms

12. Kofax

Best Invoice Automation Software - kofax
Best Invoice Automation Software

Kofax develops a variety of automation solutions, including objects for invoice processing. Its technology, which is the foundation of its platform, is meant to not only assist in data capture and validation but also help automate the extraction of invoice data, making it more efficient to handle accounts payable.

The KofaX technology can greatly lessen the time and costs related to the processing, a measure that can also help to keep the company secure from non-compliance and even the availability of extra cash for the management.

Price: $3,500 for 100,000 pages

Top Features

  • Automation of capture, extraction, and validation
  • Streamlined accounts payable process
  • Compliance support

13. HubSpot Payment

Best Invoice Automation Software - hubspot payment
Best Invoice Automation Software

HubSpot enables direct deduction from the CRM platform, whereby customers can get invoices and make payments without the need for multiple tabs.

Additionally, the platform facilitates payment processing using various modes and devices, thus making it more convenient. This integration lets businesses manage customer relations and transactions through a single network while improving operational efficiency.

Price: Ask for price

Top Features

  • Payment processing integration within CRM
  • Seamless invoice management
  • Payment tracking

14. Xero

Best Invoice Automation Software - xero
Best Invoice Automation Software

Xero is an accounting software that business owners tend to like because of its ease of use and functionality, making it suitable for SMBs.

It provides effective turnkey invoice automation services, which play a crucial role in the maintenance of business billing and service subscription cycles.

Xero has a feature that offers the automation of recurring invoices, late payment reminders, and direct connections with banks, which makes the accounting program a truly comprehensive business solution.


  1. Early – $11 per month
  2. Growing – $32 per month
  3. Established – $62 per month

Top Features

  • Cloud-based accounting software
  • Invoice automation for billing and subscriptions
  • Automation of recurring invoices and reminders
  • Direct integrations with banks

Ending Note

The right invoice automation software will help you to ensure accuracy and speed up your billing process. Every piece of software has its specific features. It allows automated processes to minimize manual mistakes and better maintain your cash flow. Automating your billing activities not only saves you time but also improves your company’s effectiveness and financial condition. 

As technology keeps getting better with each passing day, keep yourself updated with the best tools through which you can efficiently manage your business finances.


What is invoice automation software?

Invoice automation software uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to streamline the invoice processing process. It can capture data from invoices, verify accuracy, and route them for approval and payment automatically.

How long does it take to implement invoice automation software?

Implementation time varies, but typically takes weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of your system and data migration needs.

Do I need invoice automation software for my business?

Software for Invoice automation benefits businesses of all sizes, especially those that handle a high volume of invoices. It saves time and money, reduces errors, improves cash flow, and frees up staff for more strategic tasks.



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