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Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India

Female entrepreneurs are pivotal in shaping economies, driving innovation, and creating jobs. They defy traditional gender norms by venturing into diverse industries like technology, healthcare, retail, and finance.

Despite limited funding and societal biases in India, their contributions are widely recognized. Women-owned businesses in India provide direct employment for 22 to 27 million people, as per a report by Bain & Company.

The government and organizations offer support through initiatives like the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) and various funding schemes, empowering successful women entrepreneurs of India. This support allows them to explore profitable ecommerce business ideas.

Key Statistics on Women Entrepreneurs

  • Global Presence: According to the report of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, about 37% of entrepreneur accountability are held by women.


  • Employment Generation in India: As reported by Bain & Company, women-owned businesses in India are generating direct employment for about 22 to 27 million people.

  • Government Initiatives: The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) initiated by NITI Aayog, along with programs like the Mudra Yojana, aim to provide crucial backing to women entrepreneurs by offering mentorship, financial support, and avenues for networking.

  • Economic Contribution: Women entrepreneurs play a crucial role in boosting the GDP, demonstrating growing involvement across sectors like technology, healthcare, retail, and finance.

  • Startup Ecosystem: The number of women leading startups in India is increasing, which demonstrates a shift towards more female representation at the forefront of tech-driven and innovative businesses. Among these ventures, many women entrepreneurs are excelling in the best profitable ecommerce businesses , contributing significantly to economic growth. These women are not only challenging gender norms and fostering inclusive workplaces but also creating a positive societal impact through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Recognition and Awards: Many Indian female entrepreneurs have received national and international recognition/awards for their contributions, including prestigious awards such as the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, etc.

Top 9 Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​

1. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is a progressive entrepreneur. She is the founder of Biocon, one of India’s leading biotechnology companies.
  • She was born in Bangalore in 1953 and later she pursued a degree in brewing from Ballarat College of Melbourne University, and later she went on to venture into the male-dominated field of biotechnology in India. In 1978, she established Biocon in her garage with very little capital, by focusing initially on industrial enzymes only.


  • Under her leadership, Biocon progressed and developed into a bio-pharmaceutical giant, positioning itself among the top pharmaceutical companies by producing affordable and innovative drugs, particularly in diabetes and cancer treatment..


  • Mazumdar-Shaw’s contributions extend beyond her entrepreneurial success as she is also a notable advocate for healthcare reforms and innovation.


  • One of the most prominent figures among achievement of  women entrepreneurs of India is Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. She has received numerous awards, including the Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, which reflects on her influence and achievements, of her journey as an entrepreneur. A relentless visionary, Mazumdar-Shaw emphasizes on research and development, driving Biocon towards global recognition.

2. Falguni Nayar

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Falguni Nayar)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Falguni Nayar is the dynamic founder and CEO of Nykaa, which is a leading online beauty and wellness retailer company in India.

  • She was born in Mumbai and from there she went to Ahmedabad to graduate from one of the most reputable University, IIM Ahmedabad. She had a successful 25-year long career in investment banking, notably with Kotak Mahindra Capital Company, before she ventured into entrepreneurship.

  • In 2012, at the age of 50, she founded Nykaa, driven by a vision to create an inclusive beauty platform for Indian women.

  • Under Nayar’s leadership, Nykaa has grown exponentially and has become a household name and a highly preferred destination for beauty and wellness products. The platform offers a wide range of international and Indian brands, alongside you can also find detailed products information and tutorials, promoting an informed and engaging shopping experience.

  • Nykaa’s success led to its IPO in 2021, making Nayar one of the India’s wealthiest self-made female entrepreneurs. Her journey is an inspiring example for all of us and of late-career entrepreneurship, showcasing how vision, resilience and innovative thinking.

3. Vani Kola

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Vani Kola)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Vani Kola is a prominent venture capitalist and also the Managing Director of Kalaari Capital which is a leading early-stage venture capital firm in India.

  • She was born and raised in Hyderabad. She pursued her education in engineering at Osmania University, before obtaining a master’s degree from Arizona State University.

  • She spent over two decades of life in Silicon Valley, where she founded successful technology companies like RightWorks and Certus Software, which helped her in gaining valuable experience in entrepreneurship and innovation, becoming one of the successful women entrepreneurs of India.

  • In 2006, Kola returned to India and took step into venture capital, by establishing Kalaari Capital. Under her leadership, Kalaari has been involved in nurturing numerous successful startups across various sectors, including e-commerce, fintech and health tech.

  • Her keen eye in identifying promising ventures and her commitment to mentor entrepreneurs have made her a central figure in India’s startup ecosystem. She is not just a successful investor but also an advocate for women in business, she also believes in promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial landscape.

4. Divya Gokulnath

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Divya Gokulnath)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Divya Gokulnath is the co-founder of BYJU’S which is one of the world’s largest edtech companies, which has revolutionized the educational landscape in India and beyond. 

  • She was born in Bengaluru. She pursued her education in biotechnology from RV College of Engineering. 

  • Her journey into the world of education and entrepreneurship began when she met BYJU’s Raveendran while she was preparing for GRE exams, eventually, later on marrying him and joining him in his educational endeavours.

  • In 2011, Gokulnath co-founded BYJU’S, which initially offered online video lessons to help students prepare for competitive exams. Her passion for teaching and innovative approach towards learning and teaching played a crucial role in shaping the company’s content and teaching methodology. 

  • Today, BYJU’S offers integrated educational content from primary to higher secondary levels, catering to millions of students globally. Gokulnath’s dedication to make learning engaging and accessible for all has been driving force in BYJU’S phenomenal growth.

  • Her work continues to inspire, demonstrating the impact of technology in transforming education and empowering young minds.

5. Suchi Mukherjee

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Suchi Mukherjee)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Suchi Mukherjee is the visionary founder and CEO of Limeroad which is a pioneering online shopping and social discovery platform in India. 

  • She was born and raised in Haryana, and later on she pursued her education at St. Stephen’s College from Delhi, and later earned degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge. 

  • Her career span shows significant roles in global companies such as eBay, Skype, and Gumtree, which helped her gained an extensive experience in the digital and e-commerce sectors.

  • Mukherjee founded Limeroad, in 2012, with the aim of creating a unique and community-driven shopping experience. Limeroad combines e-commerce with social networking, which allow users to create and share personalized looks and experience from a vast array of products. 

  • Under her leadership, Limeroad has grown rapidly, distinguishing itself from other competitive platforms with innovative features like scrapbook-style record and a vibrant user community. 

  • Mukherjee’s entrepreneurial journey highlights her commitment towards innovation and her ability to blend technology with fashion and her drive to empower not just consumers but also small sellers in the digital marketplace.

6. Ritu Kumar

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Ritu Kumar)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​

Ritu Kumar is a renowned Indian fashion designer and entrepreneur and she is celebrated for her distinctive contributions to the Indian fashion industry. 

She was born in Amritsar and went on to pursue degree from Lady Irwin College in Delhi and later pursued museology at the Asutosh Museum of Indian Art in Kolkata. 

She began her career in the late 1960s with a small boutique in Kolkata, where she tried to revive traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship, and also achieve it to some level. 

Over the decades, Kumar’s brand, which is named after her name only, Ritu Kumar, has become amounting with rich, artisanal designs that blends into traditional aesthetics with contemporary styles. She is credited with bringing India’s heritage weaves, embroideries and prints once again to the forefront of global fashion. 

Ritu Kumar’s creations have adorned many famous celebrities and dignitaries worldwide, which earns her prestigious awards like the Padma Shri in 2013. 

Her work does not just celebrate India’s cultural legacy but also provides livelihood and respect to numerous artisans. Kumar’s influence extends beyond just fashion, with her visionary approach and dedication to preserve India’s textile heritage.

7. Shahnaz Husain

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Shahnaz Husain)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Shahnaz Husain is a central figure in the beauty industry and also the founder of Shahnaz Herbals, which is a globally recognized brand of Ayurvedic beauty products. 

  • She was born in pre-independence India, where she developed a deep passion for Ayurveda and herbal remedies from her grandmother. Husain’s journey towards this entrepreneur journey began in the 1970s when she started offering personalized beauty treatments based on Ayurvedic principles. 

  • Her innovative approach and effective creation quickly gained popularity, which led her to the establishment of Shahnaz Herbals. Today, the brand has a significant presence in more than 100 countries, by offering a wide range of skincare, haircare, and wellness products.
  • Husain’s commitment towards natural ingredients and integral beauty solutions has earned her numerous accolades, including the Padma Shri, which is India’s fourth-highest civilian award.

  • She is also a prolific author and philanthropist, who actively promotes education and empowerment of women through various initiatives. Husain’s legacy as a pioneer in Ayurvedic beauty continues to inspire millions around the world.

8. Vineeta Singh​

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Vineeta Singh)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Vineeta Singh is the co-founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, which is a rapidly growing makeup brand in India.


  • She was born and raised in Delhi, and later she pursued her education in business management from the University of Delhi in Delhi only, before venturing into the beauty industry. 
  • Her journey into entrepreneurship began in 2012 when she co-founded SUGAR Cosmetics along with her partner Kaushik Mukherjee, and their aim was to fill in the gap for high-quality makeup products with their affordable makeup products in the Indian market.


  • Under Singh’s leadership, SUGAR Cosmetics has gained widespread fame for its trendy and innovative makeup offers, which caters to the needs of modern Indian women.


  • The brand has disrupted the cosmetics industry with its online-first approach, exploiting social media and influencer marketing to build a loyal customer base.


  • Singh’s entrepreneurial shrewdness and marketing prowess have propelled SUGAR Cosmetics to become one of the leading beauty brands in India. As one of the successful women entrepreneurs of India, her success story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, looking to make their mark in the competitive business landscape.

9. Namita Thapar

Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​ (Namita Thapar)
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India​
  • Namita Thapar is a prominent business leader and the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the India’s leading pharmaceutical companies. 

  • She has a background in finance and management, which helped her in playing a pivotal role in steering Emcure towards growth and expansion. She joined the company in 2006 and quickly rose through the ranks, using her expertise in finance and strategy to drive key initiatives.

  • Under her leadership, Emcure has diversified its products portfolio and expanded its global footprint, and later emerged as a key player in the pharmaceutical industry. 

  • She has been instrumental in promoting innovation and implementing the best practices in areas such as research and development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Her strategic vision and leadership skills have earned her recognition both within the company and in the whole business community, especially in the context of creating and sustaining a Profitable Franchise Business.

  • Beyond her corporate responsibilities, she is also committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives, by focusing on healthcare, education and community development.
  • Her contributions to both the pharmaceutical sector and her dedication towards social causes have fostered her integrity as a respected leader and role model in the business world.


In conclusion, female entrepreneurs across various industries in India have defied odds, shattered glass ceilings, and redefined success on their own terms. From Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw’s groundbreaking contributions to biotechnology to Falguni Nayar’s innovative strides in the e-commerce industry, these successful women entrepreneurs of India have not just carved their own paths but also inspired generations to come and walk on that path.

Their stories highlight resilience, vision, and their unwavering determination, showcasing the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Despite facing challenges, women like Suchi Mukherjee, Divya Gokulnath, and Ritu Kumar have made ineradicable marks, which drive India’s economic growth and foster a culture of both inclusion and empowerment. As the landscape continues to evolve, their legacies serve as beacons of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. 


What resources are available for female entrepreneurs in India?

Several resources are available to support female entrepreneurs in India, including government initiatives like the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP), incubators and accelerators specifically targeting women-led startups, mentorship programs, networking events, and online communities where women can share experiences and seek advice. 

What challenges do female entrepreneurs face in India?

Female entrepreneurs in India often encounter challenges such as limited access to funding, gender biases in business networks and investment decisions, societal expectations regarding family responsibilities, and a lack of support systems tailored to their needs.

How can female entrepreneurs overcome funding obstacles?

Female entrepreneurs can overcome funding obstacles by actively seeking out alternative sources of financing such as angel investors, venture capital firms with a focus on diversity, crowdfunding platforms, government grants and schemes, and networking with other entrepreneurs and mentors for guidance and support.



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