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Top 10 YouTubers in India

YouTube is setting the standard for how we experience entertainment in the new digital era, which has permanently altered our habits.

With renowned YouTubers gaining millions of followers through a variety of content, YouTube has evolved into a medium for social networking and creativity in India.

In addition to providing technical insight and humorous jokes, they also educate the audience and draw inspiration from hundreds of others.

This blog post examines the Top YouTubers of India who have established themselves online by producing the greatest material for their audience. As we follow their journey, let’s observe the colorful and active Indian entertainment industry and recognize the significant influence these artists have had on their followers.

Influence of the YouTubers on the Audience

YouTubers have gone beyond entertainment and are seen as powerful people who can change minds, drive trends, and even influence the behavior of the world.

  • Building trust and authenticity: Unlike celebrities, YouTubers often create a sense of rapport with their audience. By posting regularly and connecting with your audience, you create a sense of relevance so your audience ultimately trusts you and therefore their wishes and opinions.
  • Leadership and Skills: A lot of YouTubers identify as leaders in their industry. YouTubers who specialize in electronics are becoming the preferred sources for gadget evaluations, beauty vloggers are becoming authorities on the newest cosmetic trends, and gamers are turning step-by-step guides. Viewers value their thoughts and recommendations.
  • Emotional Connection and Storytelling: YouTubers are taking the power of storytelling to the next level to create an emotional connection with your audience. Whether it’s a comedy skit, a motivational speech, or a personal vlog, YouTubers can evoke emotions in their viewers and inspire action.
  • Community Building and Social Signals: Successful YouTubers tend to build strong communities around their channels. Viewers’ thoughts, interactions, and shared experiences create awareness. Positive comments and reviews build a social brand and encourage others to sign up and join.
  • Role models and trendsetters: Popular YouTubers are often role models, especially for younger viewers. Their lifestyle choices, fashion trends, and recommendations have a huge impact on purchasing decisions and social development.

Top 10 YouTubers of India

1. Total Gaming

YouTubers of India
YouTubers of India
  • Total Gaming is one of the famous YouTube channels run by Ajay, who is popularly known as Ajju bhai by many people. With over 40.8 million subscribers until now, Ajay has made his channel one of the favorites for gamers.
  • Garena Free Fire is Total Gaming’s bread and butter, but Ajay’s range extends beyond this popular title.
  • Ajay does not play games; he conquers them. Audience members have swarmed to his channel for expert tips and tricks to totally own the competition.
  • It’s not only about the hardcore strategies, but the witty commentary by Ajay and the funny spark in his unending enthusiasm make each game a complete comedy of errors.
  • More than just a channel, Total Gaming is a happening community; lots of game players are connecting with one another, sharing their passions, and taking knowledge from one another.

2. CarryMinati

YouTubers of India
  • CarryMinati is a channel owned by Ajay Nagar. In India, he is the most well-liked YouTuber. His channel has around 37 million subscribers.
  • The reason that a large part of his viewers is Indian is that most of his videos are in Hindi. His uploads are always popular. Thus, tens of thousands of people viewed his film once published.
  • Ajay Nagar is also the most popular gamer and rapper. Because he is a famous entertainer and YouTuber, he has also met famous figures in Hollywood like Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. 
  • Only a few people know him as Ajay Nagar since the name of the channel is CarryMinati.

3. Techno Gamerz

YouTubers of India
  • Ujjwal Chaurasia is the most popular YouTuber in India. His YouTube channel “Techno Gamerz” has 38.7M subscribers. 
  • He started his YouTube channel back in 2017 and since then has drawn a wide range of audience with his gaming videos. 
  • Techno Gamerz has videos on games like GTA5, PC games, and Minecraft. Apart from games, he also creates tutorials, technology, and humorous videos. 
  • Ujjwal has his second channel on YouTube which goes by the name “Ujjwal Gamer”. Mainly, in this channel, he posts phone game videos. He is also the youngest gamer in India.

4. Round2hell

YouTubers of India
  • Three friends Nazım, Wasim and Zayn joined forces to create a YouTube channel in 2015. To their horror, Zayn, named one of the videos Round2Hell and this led them to name their YouTube channel “Round2Hell”.
  • “Round2Hell” has 32.8 million subscribers, making Zayn, Nazim, and Waseem the most popular Indian YouTubers of 2024. 
  • Their channel mainly focuses on making realistic videos with an eccentric style and some humour. 
  • The unique way of presenting the truth through video is what attracts millions of people around the world.

5. Mr. Indian Hacker

YouTubers of India
YouTubers of India
  • Dilraj Singh Rawat is another powerful Indian YouTuber, his YouTube channel Mr. Indian Hacker has more than 37.3 million subscribers. 
  • Dilraj is a true example of hard work and dedication and inspires millions of people around the world with his innovative work. 
  • Dilraj’s content mainly includes technology, gadgets, science projects, DIY projects and hacks. What attracts people most about Dilraj is the fascinating research on DIY projects and hacks. 
  • Dilraj faced many difficulties during his studies but found his way through ambition, talent and hard work. A small-town boy, who now inspires more than 30 million people. 
  • Despite being not really well-educated, Dilraj won people’s hearts with his unique journey.

6. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

YouTubers of India
YouTubers of India
  • Ashish Chanchlani Vines is the name of the channel that YouTuber and content creator Ashish Chanchlani manages..
  • This Indian YouTuber is best known for creating realistic humour. There are various means by which he makes his videos, such as modelling, simulation, and more. 
  • His influential and motivational videos on everyday living have inspired millions of people around the world. Not only that, his fan following is so strong and immense that even actors have several times requested him to promote their projects and films on his channel. 
  • Ashish has also received the ‘Best Digital Influencer’ award at Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival and the ‘Best Comedy Influencer’ award at the World Bloggers Awards.

7. Crazy XYZ

YouTubers of India
YouTubers of India
  • Amit Sharma, a.k.a. Crazy XYZ, is a famous Indian YouTuber hailing from Rajasthan. He makes videos of science experiments, unusual activities, and content based on public demand. 
  • He is known for being upfront and one of the friendliest YouTubers. His background is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, which has made his followers love him.
  • He does the same experiments that Dheeraj Singh, popularly known as Mr. Indian Hacker, does. However, the difference is that Amit does the explanation of the science behind those experiments. 
  • Crazy XYZ is also rated among the top 10 YouTube creators in India, with more than 28 million subscribers. And, it is a big thing to discuss his popularity as most of the videos on his channel have millions of views.

8. BB ki Vines

YouTubers of India
YouTubers of India
  • Bhuvan Bam, hailing from Gujarat despite his Maharashtrian roots, is an all-around artist. He went on to enter the YouTube world in 2015 and now his channel has more than 26 million subscribers.
  • A degree holder in History, he pursued his degree in YouTube with his account being his main source of spreading laughter through comedy videos and his charismatic personality.
  • Bhuvan, being one of the pioneers in the Indian YouTube community, became the first YouTuber to cross the 10 million subscriber mark. He even got an invitation to the prestigious Davos gathering to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.
  • However, to his YouTube success, Bhuvan has showcased his acting skills in the very short film ‘Plus-Minus’, which has received a Filmfare Award. He has released numerous music albums, including ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’, ‘Ajnabee’, ‘Sang Hoon Tere’, and many more. 
  • His achievements include winning the Most Popular Channel award at the Webtvasia Awards 2016 and appearing in Forbes India’s ’30 Under 30′ list. Bhuvan has yet another channel named ‘BB Ki Vines Productions’.

9. Sandeep Maheshwari

Motivational Speakers of India - sandeep
YouTubers of India
  • Sandeep is a very famous Indian motivational speaker and social media influencer with massive online reach. His YouTube channel holds a collection of 580+ videos with 2.3 billion views. 
  • With a huge amount of 27.6 million subscribers, he has one of the biggest and most loyal fan followings. Sandeep Maheshwari was born on 28 September 1980 and joined YouTube in February 2012.
  • Before Maheshwari embarked on his YouTube journey, his career as a model was being exploited, so he had to back out. He underwent many failures in terms of business ventures as well. 
  • This man has inspired millions out there through the platform he has built. His YouTube channel basically makes inspirational and creative educational videos, to help inspire viewers to realize their full potential. 
  • Sandeep’s life has touched the lives of millions of people, who have been able to reach their goals through the platform that he has built.

10. Amit Bhadana

YouTubers of India
  • Amit Bhadana is one of the most famous and biggest YouTubers in India. He works with his partner to create his own YouTube video, which they simply play, which is very popular among his viewers.
  • His channel has More than 24 million people subscribe to his channel, which goes by the name Amit Bhadana. 
  • His YouTube career began in 2012 when he started uploading videos and footage. However, as time went by, the number of people watching his YouTube videos increased and he became famous. 
  • He usually collaborates with other creators to create unique content for his audience. He recently won the Best Youtuber award for his popularity.


Beyond the laughs and entertainment, YouTubers of India are wielding immense influence. They act as educators, filling knowledge gaps with tech tutorials and life skills advice. Their social commentary, delivered through humour, tackles real issues and sparks important conversations.

They inspire entrepreneurial dreams by showcasing their own success stories. This ability to build trust, establish expertise, and connect emotionally with viewers makes YouTubers powerful forces shaping Indian society. From education to social awareness, these Desi stars are changing the game.


How do Indian YouTubers earn revenue?

YouTubers earn money from several sources. These sources of income consist of earnings from advertisements, sponsorship deals with brands, placing products in content, affiliate marketing, and selling their products.

Do Indian YouTubers qualify as celebrities?

While some YouTubers reach a level of fame similar to celebrities, the distinction can sometimes be unclear. They frequently establish a closer bond with their audience in contrast to conventional celebrities. Yet, their impact and scope cannot be denied, establishing them as important individuals in Indian popular culture. 

What type of content is trending on YouTube in India?

YouTube India provides a wide range of content, meeting various interests. Comedy skits, walkthroughs for gaming, tutorials for education (tech, life skills), beauty vlogs, speeches for motivation, and commentaries on social issues are some of the most loved genres.



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