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Top Companies Owned by Volkswagen

What are the companies owned by Volkswagen? This question opens up a web of automobiles and innovation outside the box.

The Volkswagen Group can be described as much more than the popular German car producer known for its Beetle and Golf cars.

It is a world-class manufacturing company with a team of upscale and versatile brands under its belt.

The Volkswagen Company was established in 1937, and they are involved in the production of automobiles, from luxury cars to commercial vehicles.

This blog post discusses the various companies of Volkswagen and how this car manufacturing giant has continued to grow its empire.

About Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group is a Germany-based global automobile enterprise that develops and manufactures commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and related products. The Volkswagen Group was established in 1937, has expanded its wings across the world, and has almost every brand in the automotive industry today. 

It has Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Volkswagen also has Ducati in its portfolio and has immense commercial vehicle franchises like Scania and MAN. The group products include economy and premium cars for passengers, sports utility vehicles, pick-ups and luxury cars, and commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen focuses on innovation as well as sustainable development and has intensively introduced electric cars and self-driving vehicles. Their ID. All of these groups constitute a massive course for electrical cars as well as electrical systems in general. 

Further, Volkswagen’s financial services and mobility services, like MOIA and Electrify America, show that VW is committed to the future of transportation. In terms of quality, safety, and environmental commitment, Volkswagen strives to lead the automotive industry forward.

Top 10 Companies Owned by Volkswagen

1. Volkswagen Passenger Cars

companies owned by volkswagen - Volkswagen Passenger Cars

Volkswagen encompasses the vehicle manufacturing division known as the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, which represents the foundation of the Volkswagen Group and the adherence to its core values, namely quality, innovation, and reliability. Introduction Volkswagen was established in 1937, and one of the most famous models is the Beetle; it represented economical cars during the post-war period.

Today, the brand remains at the top of sales with a vast lineup that goes from the Golf to the ID series. This brand, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, is famous for its superior engineering solutions and dedication to environmental protection due to the brand’s bold entails towards electrification and innovative solutions.

2. Audi

It is ranked one of the most well-known automotive brands that produce luxurious vehicles, and it became a member of the Volkswagen Group in 1966. It is famous for innovation, performance, and stylish looks and is recognized as the leading company in producing and supplying premium automobiles. 

The company strapline ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ means ‘Advancement through Technology’, which affirms the firm’s adoration for technology. Another example is car technology, where Audi possesses unique features like the Quattro all-wheel-drive system, TFSI engines, and others like an advanced driver assistance system. Further, Audi has been a leader in electric mobility with its e-tron series of cars, evidencing the company’s focus on the future.


SEAT is a Spanish automobile manufacturer that has been a member of the Volkswagen Group since 1986. The Spanish maker SEAT is recognized for producing youthful and sporty cars. The brand appeals to the young generation of car buyers, and there is a strong emphasis on dynamic performance and attractive design schemes. 

Some of the acknowledged car models, including the Ibiza and Leon, have been manufactured and sold in Europe, where they are trendy, affordable, and powerful. Another of the claims of SEAT is also R&D, especially in electric and connected car technology, with the goal of bringing high-end elements to the mainstream market.

4. Skoda

companies owned by volkswagen - Skoda

Skoda is an automobile brand that originates from the Czech Republic. It was established in 1895 and later became part of the Volkswagen Group in 1991. Skoda is appreciated for its functionality, durability, and rather reasonable price level, and it has expanded greatly since becoming a part of Volkswagen. 

The brand is known for providing a fairly broad selection of cars, from small city vehicles like the Fabia to large off-road vehicles like the Kodiaq. This car manufacturer has built up a reputation for delivering quality cars at a reasonable price, which has made it popular in many markets. Another issue that the brand closely addresses is innovation, especially as related to productivity and sustainability.

5. Bentley

Bentley Motors Limited, a British luxury automobile company, was part of the Volkswagen Group from 1998 on. The company is famous for its hand-made cars as well as its modern technologies. Vehicles like the Continental GT and Bentayga reflect the company’s promise of luxury, performance, and scarcity. 

Some of the unique features that Bentley’s vehicles are famous for include sophistication inside the car, powerful engines, and exquisite finishing. The brand’s portfolio is also forward-thinking, with hybrids appearing in its lineup and a commitment to fully electric cars, meaning that the brand will always be a part of the relentless push forward that is luxury car manufacturing.

6. Bugatti

companies owned by volkswagen - Bugatti

Established in 1909, Bugatti is known for its potent and extravagant automobiles; the brand was bought by Volkswagen Group in 1998.

Bugatti has a history of creating the most memorable sports cars, and the company is known for its willingness to experiment in automotive engineering. For instance, the Veyron and Chiron models have broken many speed records and are recognized as having unique designs and drills.

Thus, Bugatti stays an industry leader in the hypercar segment while providing the world’s car enthusiasts and collectors with thousands of perfect vehicles.

7. Lamborghini

Lamborghini is an Italian manufacturer of exclusive super sports cars, which has been incorporated into the Volkswagen Group since 1998 with Audi. With scary looks, massive engines, and more than picturesque performance, Lamborghini is the epitome of Italian automobile experts. 

Cars such as the Aventador and Huracan are stunning sports cars that offer impressive performance. Clear entrepreneurial innovation is also evident in the technology Lamborghini uses in its hybrid Sian, which is the brand’s first hybrid supercar.

Another aspect that illustrates the Californian isomeric car brand’s tradition while integrating tendencies remains the incorporation of tradition and innovation to mark its existence in the automobile industry.

8. Porsche

companies owned by volkswagen - Porsche

Porsche, the world’s most famous sports car maker, was incorporated into the Volkswagen Group in January 2012 through a complicated and a bit lengthy acquisition process. As a marque recognized for its sporty cars and high-end SUVs, Porsche has a colourful past on the race tracks and an enviable history of technological innovation.

Porsche also plays a big part in the electric car’s future with the release of the Taycan, which demonstrates how the automaker can deliver performance and efficiency. The brand’s consistent focus on superior manufacturing and design proves its strategic place in the luxury automobile market.

9. Ducati (Motorcycles)

companies owned by volkswagen - Ducati (Motorcycles)

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company that has been under the Volkswagen Group under Audi since 2012. Ducati is a renowned Italian manufacturer of motorcycles that is famous for its superior engineering, stylish looks, and racing capabilities. The Panigale and Monster are a few examples of how Ducati provides motorcycles that are performance-oriented and driven by technology.

MotoGP and World Superbike racing triumphs further define its image and reputation as a premier motorcycle brand. Ducati has remained relevant in motorcycle engineering and technological advancement to give riders a taste of elegant mechanical engineering.

10. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

companies owned by volkswagen - Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is one of the most significant segments of the Volkswagen Group, as it manufactures vans, trucks, and buses. These commercial vehicles are known for their reliability, efficiency, and innovative designs and are used in numerous industries across the globe. 

Some of the popular models include the Transporter, Crafter, and Caddy, which are considered ideal for business transport solutions. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also focuses on aspects of sustainability and new technology, such as electric and hybrid systems, necessary to meet the changing needs of the commercial market.

To Sum Up

The Volkswagen Group company gives an insight into its strategic outlook and advances in technology, superiority, and environmental friendliness through the variety of brands it owns.

From high-end cars, sports utility vehicles, and luxury cars to family sedans and coupes, every single make under the Volkswagen banner has its strengths that go into making a successful group.

To sum it up, Volkswagen Group has been continuously investing in technology and adopting a progressive outlook as it solidifies its standing as a global giant in the automotive industry.


Does Volkswagen own Audi?

Yes, Audi is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. It is one of the leading luxury car manufacturers globally and is known for its premium vehicles and advanced technology.

Does the Volkswagen Group own any other notable brands?

Volkswagen Group also owns MAN and Scania, two leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. These brands complement Volkswagen’s portfolio, catering to both consumer and industrial transportation needs.

Is Volkswagen involved in any other industries besides automotive?

While primarily known for its automotive business, Volkswagen also has interests in other industries. For instance, Volkswagen Financial Services provides financial and insurance services for the automotive sector, offering leasing, financing, and insurance solutions.



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